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“Make your Device theft proof.”

Mobile Application Security Testing

At CyberTech, you will also learn to secure mobile platforms along with securing the networks and systems. The Mobile Security Testing keeps a tab on probable attacks on wearable devices, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, their data and connectivity. You will learn to analysing mobile applications on real time environment, simulation of attacks; testing of popular platforms and devices, identifying mobile device breaches into the system, testing of Windows, iOS and Android Applications are few of the actions that form the core of our Mobile Application Security testing. At CyberTech, will will fully develop the skills that a security professional requires to protect their clients against any threats or attacks that comprises business. is a wonderful course that will make you professional in mobile security platform and gain career heights.

About the Exam


Mobile Security Testing Exam

Number of Questions: 80

Test Duration: 2 Hours

Test Format: Multiple Choice, Practical